Prepare to play

CLOTHING - vests with pockets for paintballs are included in starter pack. You can rent an overall for 2 €, but please take into consideration that you might get hot when  playing in overall, especially in summer. In summer we recommend wearing just a sports suit and a vest.

HAIRSTYLE - you will have to wear a paintball mask. The mask has one horizontal lace in the rear and one vertical lace from forehead to the rear. Please avoid using hairstyle that can interfere with the laces.

FOOD AND DRINKS - don't forget to take water, lemonade or enything else to drink. You can also take meat or sausages to cook on grill - there is a picnic place next to the paintball field.

MUST BE SOBER - we know you are looking for entertainment when coming to play paintball, but everything must be done with the measure. Playing paintball drunk is strictly forbidden!

LOCATION - find us on Google Maps or Waze using keywords "kakenbols" or "SIA Kaķeņbolmāsters". Reserve your game  here